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Friendly Bible Study – 7th of each month at 7.30 pm on Zoom

Please email for the Zoom link

Open to all members and attenders of Staffordshire Quakers

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Julian Meetings – 10.30am on every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Stafford Meeting House

Ecumenical groups for silent Christian contemplative prayer.

Contact Maggie on 01785 859398 for more information.

Everyone welcome.

Alfie’s Walks – 1pm on every 4th Sunday of the month

Meet at Milton Common for a picnic lunch followed by a walk or just for the picnic. Please bring your own picnic lunch.

For more information email

In memory of Alfie who used to lead the walks.

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletters and other news

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – October 2022

Buddhist monks and Quakers praying in open fields in front of a herd of cows.
  • Beach of Sanctuary – Dave Traxson and Rosemary Fox (Wolverhampton Meeting) on their Meeting’s summer breaks and holidays for local sanctuary seekers
  • Friends Join Peace Walk – Lichfield and Stafford Friends join Buddhist peace walk.
  • Testimony to the life of Christine Miller by Roger Oldfield (Stafford Meeting)
  • From Lichfield to Malaysian Borneo, the Wilson’s New Life – Anthony and Anne Wilson, KampOng campus, Tenghilan, Sabah (formerly Lichfield Meeting)
  • Safeguarding – update from David Morgan (Stafford Meeting)
  • Stafford Open Day – update on the outreach event
  • Vigil for South Africa: Children in Detention (1989) – a selection of readings from the Vigil
  • Whither Religion? – Rob Horton (formerly of Stafford Meeting) on Western dualistic thinking about religion
  • Julian Meeting in Stafford – Maggie Jeays (Stafford Meeting)
  • God Language – Gayle Yeoman (Stafford Meeting)
  • Deciding About a Car: a moral dilemma – Helen Buckroyd (Lichfield Meeting)

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – June 2022

Two images side by side, Left is Sue and Bill Walley. Right is Rosemary Crawley.
  • Striving to increase understanding of abuse and improve safeguarding in our Area Meeting – David Morgan (Stafford Meeting)
  • Testimonies to the life of Bill Walley: Bill Walley and Quakerism by Sue Walley; Bill Walley a full life by Frank Farnworth (a lifelong friend of Bill)
  • Our Dear Friend Rosemary Crawley – a testimony by Friends at Lichfield Meeting
  • Quaker Discipline – Stephen Petter (Wolverhampton Meeting) reflects on the continuing need for discipline
  • Grief: A reflection on a path we do not want to go down but cannot avoid – Rhoda Wharton (Lichfield Meeting)
  • Charlotte Mew: The Trees are Down – a poem with commentary by Richard Harris, former Bishop of Oxford
  • Invasion of Ukraine – John Nicholls (Wolverhampton Meeting)
  • 2 Requiems for Ukraine – Nigel Peckett (Stafford Meeting)
  • All Change! Making Paths on Shifting Ground – Alison Crane (Cheltenham Meeting, formerly of SAM)
  • Alfie – tribute to canine member of Stafford Meeting by Maggie Jeays

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – February 2022

photo of Hazel Ball from Stop HS2 Staffordshire sitting with HS2 flag
Hazel Ball, Stop HS2 Staffordshire
  • The future of our Meeting Houses – discussion points for Area Meeting in May 2022
  • In our Area Meeting:
    • Two dear Friends – notice of the deaths of Rosemary Crawley (Lichfield Meeting) and Bill Walley (Stafford Meeting)
    • Anne and Anthony Wilson – notice of emigration
    • Safeguarding – David Morgan appointed Safeguarding Officer.
  • Staffordshire Quaker History – update from research team including the acquisition of photocopied records from the County Records Office.
  • World Religion Day in Leek – account of event hosted by Leek Meeting by Steve Thompson of the Ba-ha’i group.
  • Our spirituality
    • Life Force by Annette White (Stoke Meeting)
    • Becoming More Human by Richard Ashwell (Wolverhampton Meeting)
    • Beyond Buildings by Gayle Yeomans (Stafford Meeting
  • How should we bear witness
    • Except from ‘Some Fruits of Solitude (1693) by Williams Penn
    • What do Advices and Queries Say
    • Expressing Opinions to Fellow Quakers by Stephen Petter (Wolverhampton Meeting)
    • From Peace in Communion to Peace in Palestine by Peter Kent-Baguley (Leek Meeting)
    • Quakers on Earth Matters: Actions not Words by Jim Kinnibrugh (Stone Meeting)
    • Reaching out on Earth Matters – a talk given by Rob Horton (previously of Stafford Meeting) to the AGM of Sustainability in Colwich & the Haywoods
    • Effective Protest – Target the Offender by John Nicholls (Wolverhampton Meeting)
    • Understanding What ‘The Law’ Stands For by Anthony Wilson
    • Civil Disobedience: Resisting HS2 by Hazel Ball (Stop HS2 Staffordshire)
    • Facing up to Veganuary by Rosemary Fox (Wolverhampton Meeting
  • Adam Curle’s Quakers

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