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Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – October 2020

Photograph of the separation wall at Bethlehem with graffiti reading MERRY CHRISTMAS WORLD FROM BETHLEHEM GHETTO
  • Living Beyond Covid – Reflections on lockdown: flowers, a bench and peace by Annie Egerton (Leek Meeting); Return to Meeting in Wolverhampton by Lisa and Peter Stedman (Wolverhampton Meeting); What sort of pandemic is this by John Nicholls (Wolverhampton Meeting); Invitation to Lichfield Meeting on Zoom; No right or wrong by K.B.W-P (Stafford Meeting); The search for the new normal: mutualism by Richard Ashwell (Wolverhampton Meeting); What have you been reading in lockdown? by Alison Samuels (Wolverhampton Meeting); Dear Friends, old and new by Jenn Pardue (Stoke Meeting) and The illusion of victory (a poem) by Jenn’s grandson, Arthur Romain, age 11.
  • Recent work of peacemakers – how a schools-based project, Peacemakers, is coping with Covid-19 by John Babb (Wolverhampton Meeting)
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem – Peter Kent-Baguley (Leek Meeting) on the pervasive militarisation of Israeli life and the work of the feminist New Profile group who campaign to eliminate it.
  • Words of Encouragement – extracts from a leaflet sent to Quaker prison chaplains for distribution to prisoners registered as Quaker, submitted by Joan Gripton (Stafford Meeting and chaplain at Stafford prison)
  • The Experience of Racism – Helen Lockwood (Stone Meeting) reviews “Talking about skin”, a memoir by Rosa L Carter, AKA Rosemary Crawley (Lichfield Meeting); Why is racism a priority for peace churches? a paper presented to the European Church and Peace conference by Rosemary Crawley (Lichfield Meeting)
  • Deep Adaption & Sustainability – Damon Hoppe (Stafford Meeting) elaborates on his article in the October 2019 edition of Staffordshire Quaker
  • Area Meeting Governance – recommendation from Trustees that our Area Meeting should register as a charity by adopting the model Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO) governing document.

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Stafford Friends’ Trip to Dolgellau – December 2012

A group of Friends walk the Quaker Trail
Friends walk the Quaker Trail

Stafford Friends’ Trip to Dolgellau – exploring the history of early Quakers in Wales

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – October 2012

Holding Leader to Account: Sustainability and Nonviolent Social Change in Kenya – October 2012

Laura speaking at a Quaker gathering
Laura (right) speaking at a gathering of Qauker peace-buildings in Africa

Holding Leaders to Account: Sustainability and Nonviolent Social Change in Kenya – A workshop at Stafford Meeting led by guest speaker, Laura Shipley Chico from Kenya

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Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – December 2011

Visit to the Historic Quaker Site at Shallowford – July 2011

The historic Quaker farmhouse

Visit to the historic Quaker site at Shallowford – Stone Friends visit the historic farmhouse and Quaker burial ground.

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – June 2011

Cruising the Trent-Mersey – June 2011

Children wave from the barge as it rises in the lock

Cruising the Trent-Mersey – Stone Meeting spend a day cruising the Trent Mersey canal in a narrowboat from Stone to Barlaston and back

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – February 2011


Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – June 2010

6 Friends pictured at Easedale Tarn with mountains in the background
  • Celebration – Stafford Quaker Albert Adams celebrates his 96th birthday
  • Stone Meeting at Glenthorne: Rolling Stones – by Joan Holland and Janet Mason (Stone Meeting)
  • A global call for compassion – Janet Mason (Stone Meeting) urges Friends to sign the Charter for Compassion, launched in Cape Town last month
  • Outreach – a collection of articles for Quaker Outreach Week
    • Outreach has many forms – Transition garden by Leek Meeting; A Julian Meeting by Nigel Peckett (Stafford Meeting)
    • Outreach: we can all do it – by Joan Holland (Stone Meeting)
    • Outreach: Quakers on show – Leek Quakers at the Leek Show; Wolverhampton Quakers at the Wolverhampton Show
    • Outreach: the printed word in Leek – Who are the Quakers; Quaker Testimonials; and Earth and Environment; all by Linda Skellam (Leek Meeting)
    • Outreach: the printed word in Leek – by Jane Health (Leek Meeting)
  • Quakers respond to climate change – Rob Horton (Stafford Meeting) on various Quaker initiatives on climate change, including the Global Change Consultation.
  • Houses for the Earth – Beatrice Lance (Uttoxeter Meeting) on the Hockerton Housing Project, 5 eco houses near Southwell Nottinghamshire.
  • Networking for peace: QPSW Conference – David Morgan (Stafford Meeting) reports on the Quaker Peace and Social Witness Conference
  • Part of a large family: Quaker Life Conference – report by Maggie Jeays (Stafford Meeting)
  • Staffordshire Friends in print – a review of “Spirit Rising – Young Quaker Voices”, a collection of poems, prose, pictures and photos from young Friends from around the world by Gayle Yeomans (Stafford Meeting)
  • “Collected Poems of Charles Morgan” – Peter Holland (Stone Meeting) has put together this collection which is published by Scarthin Books.
  • Virtual Testimonies – Anthony Wilson (Lichfield Meeting) on the pros and cons of virtual activism
  • Church bloopers – a selection of bloopers from church bulletins or announcements

Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – February 2010

Photo of Paula Knight of Lichfield Meeting at 'The Wave' on 5th December 2009
  • The Wave – photo of Paula Knight at the demonstration in London
  • Digging for Transition in Leek – Linda Skellam (Leek Meeting) talking about Leek’s involvement with the Transition Town movement.
  • Three Dear Friends – Thanks for the life of Clarice Dawson by Joan Holland (Stone Meeting); Testimony to the life of Carol Woodings by Jane Heath and Linda Skellam (Leek Meeting); Testimony to the grace of God in the life of Dennis Gripton by Staffordshire Area Meeting; The Depths of the Silence by Gayle Yeomans (Stafford Meeting); Look Well to This Day, a Sanskrit poem.
  • Language in Quaker Outreach Materials: Seeking to Reflect Diversity – Agreed minute at a meeting between Staffordshire Area Meeting and Quaker Life on 20th November 2009, regarding the use of God language in Quaker outreach materials.
  • About Faith: Inner Peace – article first written for Spark Local Inter-faith magazine by Linda Skellam (Leek Meeting).
  • Sufferings: New centre and a richly varied community – report on the September 2009 Meeting for Sufferings by Shelagh Robinson (Stone Meeting).
  • Quaker Prison Chaplains Conference: Dealing with loss – report by Beatrice Lance (Uttoxeter Meeting) and Grace Jordan (Stone Meeting).
  • Zero Growth Economics: Making it happen – report on the weekend conference at Woodbrooke by Paula Knight (Lichfield Meeting) who is our representative to the Zero Growth events.
  • More than meeting on Sundays – a roundup of the groups F/friends are involved with outside of Quakers.
  • Bags of Useful Things – about the project to produce supplies for the Women’s Refuge in Hanley and how to contribute by Linda Skellam (Leek Meeting).
  • Witness in Lichfield’s Streets – Anthony Wilson (Lichfield Meeting) on the Interfaith event at speakers corner. The topic was “A matter of life and faith – creation, climate change and Copenhagen”.


Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – October 2009

Photo of people from different faith goups including Maggie Jeays from Stafford Meeting (centre).
Members of local faith groups at the July 7 Interfaith event. Maggie Jeays (Stafford Meeting) centre.
  • Friends and Faiths – Remembering July 7: Stafford Friends attended an Interfaith Event for the anniversary of the 2005 London bombings; Engaging with Islam – Berry Dicker (Lichfield Meeting) on attending an Islamic Conference in Wolverhampton; Inside SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education for Staffordshire: Bill Walley (Stoke Meeting) on his role as the Quaker representative on SACRE and his input into the revision of The Religious Education Syllabus for Staffordshire.
  • Something in the Air: Leek Quakers and Other Free Thinkers – Joan and Peter Holland (Stone Meeting) write about the talk given by Nigel Tringham, the editor of the Victorian Country History of Staffordshire.
  • Children and Young Friends – My Pilgrimage to Swarthmore Hall by Freddie Essex (Stafford Meeting); My Experience of Junior Yearly Meeting by Henry Exxex (Stafford Meeting); Cadbury, Here we Come by Olivia Wilkes (Stone and Stafford Meetings) and Jenny (Stone Meeting).
  • What do we have to say about the Earth? – Climate Change – Responding to the challenges by Rob Horton (Stafford Meeting) and John Nicholls (Wolverhampton Meeting); Zero Growth Economy Conference at Friends House on 26 September 2009 by Win Sutton (Wolverhampton Meeting); Support for Local Events: Some suggestions for cross AM working by John Nicholls (Wolverhampton Meeting).


Staffordshire Quaker Newsletter – July 2008

Panel from the Quaker Tapestry entitled Meeting Houses Overseas
  • Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) – Anthony Wilson (Lichfield Meeting) summarises a talk by Zee Zee Heine who spent 3 months as an Ecumenical Accompanier in Palestine / Isreal.
  • Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) Annual Conference: Peace, Justice and the Environment – Chris Francis (Stoke Meeting) and Paula Knight (Lichfield Meeting) report back on their attendance at the conference
  • Tools With a Mission – Fred Stainthorpe (BMS World Mission in the Congo) talks about the work of TWAM, a Christian Mission which collects, refurbishes and sends all manner of tools to many parts of the world
  • The Quaker Tapestry – Staffordshire Friends’ visit to see the travelling exhibition of the Quaker Tapestry at Chester Cathedral.
  • Death and the Right to Die – report from a Wolverhampton Meeting discussion group which considered the issues from a Quaker perspective.


Our Weekend at Woodbrooke – March 2007

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre viewed across the lake

Our Weekend at Woodbrooke – Stone Friends enjoy a memorable short-weekend of leisurely activities, including an evening bonfire,  at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Selly Oak, Birmingham. 


Our Lakeland Weekend – March 2006

A group of Friends pose for the camera.

Our Lakeland Weekend – Stone Meeting stay at Glenthorne Quaker guest house in Grasmere