Our Short Weekend at Woodbrooke

10th – 11th March 2007

This was a very pleasurable weekend for all concerned as will be apparent from the pictures presented here. Several personal impressions of the weekend appear in the July 2007 edition of the Staffordshire Quaker.

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and Grounds

We arrive in time for lunch, so naturally first things first!

Then the children, and even some of the adults, could not resist a trip on the lake.

For them, the next exciting task was building the bonfire.

Others just sat and relaxed or went for a walk to Bournville to see:

The Carillon
The Tudor Manor House
The Friends’ MH

On Saturday evening, we all got together and had a great time enjoying the warmth of the fire and of friendship

What a fire!!
By morning – only ashes and memories.

Then it was back to work – in the Art Room.

Some tried to organise us, but a few old monkeys escaped

But some were dedicated to the task in hand …

… and produced some masterly works of art …

… including this map of Woodbrooke by Thomas our youngest participant.

After lunch, when our brains had slowed, we were challenged by Prudence from the Leaveners to loosen up and think laterally.

Hello, this looks like hard work! It needs some thought.

Let’s get down to it. We love work. We could watch it all day!

In conclusion, our short weekend break at Woodbrooke was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

It was a wonderful communal experience that brought us all closer together.